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UCA Introduction

Universal Cat Association (referred to as UCA) is committed to becoming the world's largest pure cat chip registration Association, is China's first international association. UCA recommends that all pure breed cat breeders on the cat's pure cat only chip injection, chip registration, to ensure that their lineage can be traced and traceable. UCA certification judges are from the world's leading pure Cat Association, has a professional referee qualification. At present, there are as many as 60 kinds of pure breed cats recognized by UCA, and the judgment of the 60 varieties is based on the standard of the cat. At the same time, UCA welcome non registered purebred cat in variety identification match of UCA cat show, and injection chip, to meet the breed characteristics and requirements of the competition of cat only UCA will give the first generation of purebred cat lineage tracing certificate and lineage tracing three generations can be obtained after UCA registration certificate.

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