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UCA Show rules

UCA Competition system

UCA-Identification ring:
A purebred cat that has no pedigree and is recognized by the UCA,UCA to participate in the identification of the ring, after three different qualifications have identification of judges,To confirm that there are no skeletal problems, obvious hybridization marks, consistent with the basic standards of this breed,And signature confirmation, and the injection of the chip and through the application, you can grant the first generation blood tracking certificate
Note: to participate in the identification of the cat must be more than 4 months, and can participate in the tournament, the Interim Measures for the award of flowers, titles and integral records.

UCA-Elitist ring:
Breeders can decide whether to participate in the elite according to their own needs, the elite is a unique performance of the UCA tournament, invited more than 8 months  into the cat group of cats.
Each species only selected cultivars in all varieties of the first cut, the first cats only selected audience short first and  hair first, get to hold once a year UCA annual elite qualifying.
The classic game promotion system, only a hair, ashort cut in annual elite qualifying. The annual racefor the elite tournament, invited to participate in theannual promotion for elite qualifying cats attendedby the referee selected the annual short hair, aEW:Elitist Winner - year awarded the elitetournament title cat.
The title of the cat will be displayed on the official website of UCA, and the annual awards ceremony to award certificates and trophies.
UCA-Special breed show:
UCA is a unique performance of the series, mainly in order to promote the show to promote a variety of performances. All varieties of this species by the order of the cat to participate in the exhibition, divided into two groups of young cats and Adult  cats were assessed, the former N prize awarded.(N depends on the number of single species andonly the number of judges and judges)UCA will be based on the actual situation, according to the final results of the registration of the club, set up a separate exhibition of different varieties

UCA-Ring show:
The ring  into young cat group (Kitten), 4-8 month old cat group (Championship) for 8 months or more not a cat, the cat sterilization sterilization group (Premiership) for 8 months or more of the cat and cat sterilization group (Household) for 8 months or more sterilization for a cat, four a large group of match. At the same time, the cat and the cat group sterilization group, the cat will be divided into open group (Open Class) and Super Champion Group (Grand Champion / Grand Premier) game.
Round match procedure
UCA will be divided into young cat, Adultcat, catsterilization, babby four large groups
The cat  into the main holding cages in the tour, by the marker according to the roster informationverification cat chip information, correct registrationsignature in marker verification form, after thereferee started to review work. Note that the rosterinformation is not in conformity with the chipnumber and notify the chief scorer to verify.
The total score of the referee before each round ofreview, random sampling on the spot, and on thescore form registration record
If there is objection to the cat, you can apply to the total score of the nuclear inspection, the total score of the applicant immediately after receiving the information and chip verification, if not, then continue the race and record. The only cat game for total scores of not more than two times the number of members of the verification.
Such as the discovery of cat information and the chip number does not match, the match disqualified, and reported to the association, after investigation after the plot to cancel the qualification, certificate of registration, cancellation of the original performance, fines, suspension cat owners and other appropriate treatment.
The marker of ring bear its office, the total scorer to serve their matches to bear responsibility, such as found in case of dereliction of duty, fraud and other malicious is the cancellation of its license, and the corresponding punishment.
The referee will choose the best, the best varieties of Angora cat cat and the best of all varieties of short haired cat breeds in all Open groups in the cat. Finally, the referee will be in all varieties of all varieties finals, according to the quality of the game's  5-15 selected the best cat (5-15 Top), awarded prizes.

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